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Colour coated /Pre painted(PP)

Galvanized steel(GI)

Galvalume Steel(GL)

Aluminum (AL)

Profiled GL / AL

Accessories for roofing / cladding
  • plain and profiled
  • Plain and colour coated

   Standard Specs
  • GI – as per IS 513:1994
  • GL – as per IS ASTM A653/A 653M - 02
  • AL – as per grade 3105 / 8011
  • Zn coating as per IS 277-1992
  • Zn/Al coating as per ASTM A653/A 653M - 02
  • Organic coating as per guidance of IS 14246:1995
Test methodologies for finished products
  • IS 14246:1995
Supply of Material
  • IS 8910:1978
   Cross sectional view
  Salient Points
» Multiple layers of protection ensures very high service Life ( almost 4 times normal GI    sheets in similar conditions)
» Colourful top coating ensures very high aesthetic apeal
» Optional Guard film ensures protection during handling/ forming.
» Service back coat in greys for better light dispersion and for soothing effect on eyes.

   Standard colours available
  RMP / SMP: RAL1013 / RAL1014 /RAL1015
RAL1019 /RAL5012 /RAL6021 /RAL7004
RAL7038/RAL8016 /RAL8017/RAL9002
Most common shades are 9002 / 5012 /6002 / 3001 / appliance white.
   Salient features of our profile
» Best balance between coverage and strength
   (1000mm covered width, highest Ixx in the category)

» High ribbed profile for better support on longer spans

» 32mm trapezoidal crest for adequate drainage and aesthetic appeal

» Hexagonal trapezoid for best load distribution

» Anti capillary groove to ensure zero leakage as a result of capillary action

» Scientific design for usage in high wind load areas also

» Suitable for Roofing/ Cladding/ Barricading and other applications

   Sectional Properties of profile
   Right Product for right Applications
Choose correct material / thickness/profile /coating for all application

» Thickness : 0.5mm TCT for general use, for long spans, use higher thickness

» Manaksia 1000 Profile suited to handle most applications , only under very special    requirement of very high wind loads( severe cyclone areas only) we recommend higher    corrugation profiles

» Where interlocking formation is needed we recommend softer material
    like normal PPGI / PPAL

   Dos of fixing
  » Do check the delivery to make sure you have the
    right product, delivered in prime condition.

» Do arrange for suitable dry storage if the
    material is not going to be used immediately.

» Do ensure the appropriate fasteners are
   selected for the environment.

» Do cut with shears or snips.

» Do remove swarf from the job as the work
   progresses, or at least at the end of each day.

» Do wear clean, flat, rubber-soled footwear.

» Do lift sheets onto the job, rather than
   drag them.

» Strictly avoid surface abrasion by walking /    rubbing/dragging/etc over the coated area .
   It will damage the coatings.